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"A Little Discussion about the Importance of Keeping Your Balance", 2002

I really didn't know anything about indie comics until I had the chance to be involved with "9-11: Emergency Relief" and "Project: Telstar". Telstar's publisher Chris Pitzer told me about mini-comics. Well, actually, I had heard of mini-comics once before (in a mini-comic I was given at the San Diego Comic Con by that guy from the west coast - what was his name??? - called "How to Publish your own mini-comics and zines"). Anyway, I thought I'd better write one. So I picked a subject near and dear to my Libra-ish heart. Here it is, my first mini-comic, which I scrambled to write, photocopy and assemble, before Telstar's launch at MOCCA (the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art in New York City)!

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