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graphic recording

A graphic recording I made for a Calgary Economic Development "Soul of the City" event. More pictures here. And take a look here to see a really cool time-lapse film of the work in progress!

Graphic Recording is an exciting, and still fairly new, line of work. A graphic recorder is an artist who will come to your meeting, seminar, or conference to create a "live" illustrated record. Watching an visual rendition of the meeting is engaging for all participants, providing everyone with a fresh focus on the material. And it also means you have an aesthetically appealing account of your meeting's content, which you can keep afterwards.

Without knowing that this was an actual job description, I've been working as an unofficial graphic recorder for years. I don't have too many samples of work I've done live in front of a group, but I do have lots of comics-style posters and notes created while attending workshops. Some are a bit more along the lines of sketchnotes. I put a few examples in this gallery, but stay tuned as I dig up others from the archives (and create new ones, too!).

I attended a graphic recording workshop taught by Kara Stonehouse in 2012. It's exciting to be part of Calgary's emerging graphic recording community. You can take a look at my blog to see posts about our progress.

Please contact me if you'd like me to create a graphic recording, live or otherwise, for you!

graphic recording

Here's an image from Calgary's first (?) "graphic jam"! More on that here.




natural step


workshop, 2012
sketchnotes: CRYPTC, 2008
sketchnotes: ChLA, 2006
the natural step in ramsay, 2012
"how i make a bucket", 1998
stampede breakfast
creativity killers poster pizzazz conscious brands
stampede breakfast, 2002
"creativity killers", 2012
congress poster, 2008
"pizzazz", 2012
conscious brands, 2012

And there are some new graphic recording pictures here on my blog... take a look!

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